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Welcome to Business Model Design Center (BMDC), the worlds first interdisciplinary research center focusing on business models.
All of our research revolves around the notion of seeing the world through the lens of business models. Some of our current research projects are:

  • Network-based business models
  • Matching for growth: Connecting private equity with potential growth companies
  • Internationalizing Danish SME’s and educating business consultants to drive internationalization
  • The business model of University/Industry collaboration
  • New Research Management

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BMDC has several researchers and Ph.d. students affiliated and they frequently publish articles and research results in books and journals around the world. Here you will find a list of publications published in BMDC auspices.

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Our activities are primarily done in collaboration with real companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s), public organisations and start-ups. In our Business Model Lab we have developed a series of flexible and generic workshop modules and that span the business development exercise from creative thinking to optimizing performance. Our unique setup of facilitation, ICT, tools and physical location ensures that we can properly monitor and document development processes. So while you learn, we learn too!

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The Journal of Business Models is an open source, peer reviewed, international journal devoted to establishing the discipline of business models as a separately recognised core discipline in academia - as is already the case in practice. Key audience of this journal is academics and dedicated consultants but also policy-makers, politicians, entrepreneurs and students with high academic aspirations will benefit substantially from the mix of articles in this journal.

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Current Projects

BMDC is involved in several different research projects, to read more about these projects follow the link.

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About BMDC

The Business Model Design Center (BMDC) constitutes the first interdisciplinary center for Business Model research in the world. And our mission is to translate all our research into applicable tools for the world’s practitioners.

BMDC functions as a natural hub between the technology-based research environments and the business oriented research environments.
All activities are focused on the core activity: Business Model Design, in the processes of entrepreneurship, commercialization, and internationalization. A major part of our research is done with real companies! Our affiliates come from numerous professional and geographical backgrounds and interests.

Contact Info

For more information you are welcome to contact us:

Study secretary

Vibeke Jørgensen
ph. (45) 99 40 85 93

Research secretary

Susanne Heyckendorff Maler Hansen
ph. (45) 99 40 71 11

Center director

Christian Nielsen
ph. (45) 99 40 27 02